23/04/2019 Children’s Reading Day (Czech Republic)

Children’s Reading Day will be held in the Czech Republic on 23 April, (World Book and Copyright Day), its purpose being for children to read extracts from their favourite books – at school to their classmates, at home to their parents, at the library to their friends etc. Anyone, anywhere can get involved. Photos and video recordings taken at these readings will be published on the website https://www.rostik.cz; those taking part in the most inspirational readings will be rewarded with books.

Goal of our campaign
The goal is for as many children, teachers, librarians and parents as possible to get involved in Children’s Reading Day, so spreading awareness of the positive effect, personal enjoyment and shared experience reading aloud brings.

Most pressing issue
Reading is a high-quality free-time activity, with a host of far-reaching benefits. Good reading skills make education easier, help us solve problems of everyday life and provide opportunities in our working lives. Reading is the base of a pyramid whose apex is a versatile, tolerant, highly educated, wealthy society. This is the society we wish for in the Czech Republic.

What we need most
Many paths lead to the same destination. Although it is certainly good to offer many varied activities connected with book culture, sometimes it is better to combine forces and effort by coordinating with others. Unfortunately, in the Czech Republic it has not yet proved possible to establish effective cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education, with the result that, although they often try to achieve the same aims, their sources are dissipated.