Deutscher Lesepreis

The German Reading Award recognizes innovative and proven literacy promotion measures and seeks outstanding individuals, measures, and projects each year in fields that contribute to maintaining and promoting a culture of reading.

Reading pleasure and literacy are central foundations for educational ability and thus for societal participation. Despite significant efforts, literacy skills in Germany are still not optimally developed. However, literacy promotion is indispensable for a functioning society. All social groups and actors are therefore called upon to engage in literacy promotion in Germany in their daily lives.

To further honor this commitment, since 2013, the initiators have annually awarded the German Reading Award in various categories. Under the umbrella of the German Reading Award, the initiators, Stiftung Lesen (Reading Foundation) and Commerzbank Foundation, together with their partners, unite different categories and aspects that are committed to literacy promotion across all target groups in a multiperspective and sustainable way.

Additionally, a special award for prominent engagement honors public figures who are particularly committed to reading and who give the topic of literacy promotion effective public attention.

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