25/05/2023 Literacy For Democracy – International Conference

For a reading, open minded, critically thinking, democratic and strong Ukraine!

“Literacy For Democracy” conference took place simultaneously in Warsaw and Kyiv on May 25th 2023.

Reading books has proven to be the most effective tool to nurture social capital and inclusion, as well as to foster and raise scientists, entrepreneurs and inventors. Research in pediatrics, psychology, social sciences, neuroscience and education show that reading trains the human brain to think critically, understand complex meanings and accumulate data, while promoting empathy and teamwork. These are all crucial competencies of the future as they are now widely defined.

We believe strengthening literacy – boosting the percentage of kids and adults who read daily – In Ukraine starting today is the best possible way to help raise conscious, intelligent and active citizens and leaders for a better tomorrow of Ukraine, Europe and the world.

Full recording of the conference in English, Polish and Ukrainian: Literacy for Democracy.