National Reading Pact

National and international educational studies consistently show that many children and adolescents find reading difficult. By the end of fourth grade, nearly 20 percent of elementary school children in Germany can read individual words but not longer sentences or even entire texts. The consequences are felt as teenagers in secondary education and in their career choices. They fall behind and often leave school with no diploma or only an insufficient one. Moreover, the impacts extend far beyond the lives of these young people. When they become parents, they often pass on their reading difficulties to the next generation.

Urgent action is needed: With the National Reading Pact, the Reading Foundation and the German Publishers and Booksellers Association initiate a political and social breakthrough. Together with over 150 partners, we aim to sustainably improve literacy promotion in Germany and enable all children and adolescents to learn to read. Reading is the foundation of education, independence, and community. It is essential for participation and opinion formation, and thus crucial for the success of a vibrant democracy.

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