Promoting Reading with Children and Youth Magazines

For over 20 years, the Reading Foundation has been harnessing the potential of magazines for literacy promotion. Given the diversity of children and adolescents, the approaches to accessing texts and reading must be equally varied. Magazines provide access to language, writing, short texts, and interesting topics, thus promoting reading in an engaging and enjoyable way.

With engaging topics and questions drawn directly from children’s daily lives, the magazine “Echt jetzt?” for 3rd and 4th graders encourages reading, puzzling, and inventing. Teachers are supported with a comprehensive pedagogical toolkit. Thus, “echt jetzt?” combines STEM education with literacy promotion through the medium of magazines.

With “Magazines in Schools,” the Reading Foundation supports the individual promotion of reading motivation as well as reading and media literacy skills. Each year, several thousand school classes across the country have access to free magazines for use in classroom and all-day school activities.

Magazines offer reading texts that are closely related to real-life experiences and vary significantly in tone, style, length, and difficulty level. This variety ensures that there are texts suitable for children at different learning and reading levels. Exclusively for German as a Second Language (DaZ) classes, there are current children’s and youth magazines available in class sets, along with accompanying worksheets and teaching impulses.

Which titles are particularly well-designed, thoughtfully content-rich, and captivate children? A jury of experts reviews the submitted magazines and awards a quality seal to selected publications. Printed on the magazines, this seal serves as a guide for choosing children’s and youth magazines.

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