31/05/2023 Young Adult Book Week

Young Adult Book Week (Boekenweek van Jongeren) was designed especially for – and with – young adults (15-18 years). The campaign consists of three pillars:

  • a free book for all 16 year olds that contains three young adult short stories (sometimes in graphic novel form or poetry)
  • a campaign week during which a group of 20 authors visit as many schools as possible, not only to talk about their work, but also about the importance of reading
  • an award for the best young adult book in two categories: originally Dutch and translated from a foreign language.

A massive media campaign supports the project, ensuring young adults learn about good books and reading through their own channels. like BookTok. The campaign has been designed together with young adults, in order to find out what it is they need most. It started in 2012and has been growing ever since.