Book Discussion Clubs (Dyskusyjne Kluby Książki – DKK)

Book Discussion Clubs offer a welcoming space where everyone can find joy in reading. Launched in 2007 by the Polish Book Institute, this initiative is rooted in the belief that literature should be a source of communal dialogue accessible to all, not just experts. As such, DKK members represent a diverse spectrum of ages and social backgrounds, hailing from both urban metropolises and rural hamlets.

What binds this eclectic community together is their shared passion for exploring literature through lively discussions. Regular meetings provide opportunities for members to delve into selected works. Approximately 20,000 books are purchased annually for the clubs’ needs. Currently, 1,902 Book Discussion Clubs are operating throughout Poland (642 clubs for children and youth, and 1,260 clubs for adults), boasting a collective membership of nearly 19,780 individuals.

The clubs primarily operate within public libraries, but also extend their reach to other institutions such as schools, universities, cultural centres and even prisons, fostering partnerships that enrich literary engagement within communities. Supplementing these gatherings are author meet-ups, training workshops, lectures on contemporary literature, review contests and a host of other enriching activities that enhance the DKK experience.