Hunt Down Your Book (Upoluj swoją książkę)

From 2017 to 2022, the Polish Book Institute, in partnership with the Kraków Festival Office and the Woblink e-book platform, spearheaded a nationwide initiative called Hunt Down Your Book, as a component of the Read PL project.

Each year, hundreds of high schools enthusiastically joined the campaign, receiving complimentary posters and leaflets. These materials, featuring QR codes, facilitated students’ access to a range of bestselling titles through a free application. Taking on the role of campaign ambassadors, students championed book downloads and reading, sporting T-shirts adorned with QR codes both on and off school grounds.

The project was complemented by contests and promotional endeavours, both in urban locales and online, garnering widespread attention on social media platforms with the backing of influencers. Every iteration of the campaign yielded tens of thousands of book downloads.