Ungdommens kritikerpris

The Young Critics’ Award (“Ungdommens kritikerpris”) is a high school literary award that was established in 2005. A jury of professional critics nominates eight novels for adults, and seven jury classes are assigned to read and discuss the books within a period of four months. During the reading period, the classes are visited by professional critics. One week prior to the award ceremony, a grand jury with representatives from the jury classes meets in Oslo to agree upon who should win the award. The ceremony takes place in Oslo in March. The jury classes, the nominated authors, publishers, representatives from the media and the Minister of Education and Research are all present. After the ceremony, students get to meet and have conversations with nominated authors. Association Read! follows the jury classes closely and invites their teachers to attend a seminar in advance of the reading period.

The award’s website will provide further information, news and historical background.