The Norwegian Youth Literature Award (“Uprisen”) was established in 2007, and is a collaboration between Association Read!, The Norwegian Festival of Literature and “The Cultural Rucksack” (“Den kulturelle skolesekken”, a national programme for art and culture). This is the adolescents’ own award for the best teen book of the year. The adolescents are in charge of every part of the arrangement. Reviewer classes read and write reviews for every teenage book that has been published in the past year. Based on the reviews, five books are nominated. Eleven jury classes from schools across the country are assigned to read the nominated books and select a winner.

During the reading period, the jury classes are visited by professional literary critics. Each year, in May, a grand jury with representatives from the seven school classes meet during The Norwegian Festival of Literature to discuss and select the winner of the award. The award ceremony takes place during The Festival of Literature, with all the jury classes and the nominated authors present. During the festival, the students also get to meet and have conversations with nominated authors. Association Read! follows participating students closely, and the jury classes and their teachers are invited to a seminar before the reading period begins.

The award’s website will provide more information, news, book reviews and historical overview.