logo  Wrocław, Poland is a consulting, b2b agency established in 2007. Our main goal is to bring innovations into a culture & education to increase readership engagement as well as digital literacy.

We are cooperating closely with Polish libraries, publishers and teachers on readership development and engagement by brining dozens of training and workshop hours. Every year we are conducting trainings for over 2 thousand librarians, booksellers and teachers on literature knowledge, online marketing, audience development, and new technology application in their workplace. Over 50 % of all our trainings and workshop participants are from villages and small towns (below 20 thousand citizens).

To promote EU values we are conducting trainings for Creative Europe Poland to help Polish publishers promote valuable European literature in Poland. We are also creating nationwide literature and cultural promotion programs for foreign embassies and national cultural institutes in Warsaw like i.e. Czech Centre, Slovak Institute, Hungarian Cultural Institute.

In cooperation with Finnish technology companies we are working on gamyfing books and content on mobile device, as a way to increase the engagement of Millennials and gen Z readers.


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