National Month of Reading Together (Slovenia)

On International Literacy Day 2018, the first National Month of Reading Together (NMRT, Slov. Nacionalni mesec skupnega branja) commenced as a joint initiative of nine organisations. More than 250 partners and supporters proved that unity is strength indeed – more than 700 events were organised with more than 100,000 attendees. The NMRT was complemented with a public awareness raising campaign “Reading Together”: eight Slovenian award-winning illustrators agreed to become the campaign’s ambassadors, with their illustrations representing its visual identity.

In 2019, we want to strengthen the emerging network; we plan to make the website where the events are advertised highly functional and regularly updated (throughout the year, not just during the campaign!). Last year’s team of ambassadors has been joined by Tanja Komadina, another award-winning Slovenian artist, and the posters and postcards (100,000! of them) with her depictions of people reading together are soon to flood Slovenia – and, hopefully, so is the joy of reading.

Organisers: Bralno društvo Slovenije / Slovenian Reading Association & Društvo Bralna značka Slovenije – ZPMS / Slovenian Reading Badge Society /