EURead visits the Bologna Chidren’s Book Fair

On April 8th, 2023, EURead organised a panel discussion at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Panelists from the Global Network for Early Years Bookgifting discussed a range of topics.

The panelists were: Emmi Jäkkö (Lukukeskus, Finland), Lotte Baert (Iedereen Leest, Flanders), Marijke Bos (Stichting Lezen, Netherlands) and Julia Norrish (Book Dash, South Africa). The panel was moderated by Daan Beeke (Stichting Lezen, Netherlands).

This year’s edition of the BCBF seemed to have more room for literacy skills and reading promotion. We hope this trend will be continued in the next editions.

Annual General Meeting 2023

On June 5th and June 6th, our Annual General Meeting will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our member Detski Knigi Foundation is hosting this meeting. The venue will be the European Commission premises in Sofia.

Our member Detski Knigi Foundation is hosting this meeting. The venue will be the European Commission premises in Sofia.


, June 5th

Location | European Commission Building (Sofia, 124 Georgi S. Rakovski str.)

9.30 – 10.00 Planned interviews

10.30 – 11.30 Press Conference

12.30 Registration

13.00 Welcome speeches by

Mr Boyko Blagoev, Head of Communication unit at Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria
Mr Miroslav Borshosh, deputy-mayor of Sofia
Katarina Barley, vice-president of the European Parliament /video/

13.30 Official opening, Dr. Jörg F. Maas, Chair of EURead

13.45 Panel 1 | Moderator: Dr. Jörg F. Maas, Chair of EURead
The State of Literacy in Europe: How can we do better? (A Brief Overview)
Speaker: Marc Lambert, The Scottish Book Trust

14.30 Coffee Break

14.45 Panel 2 | Moderator: Gerlien van Dalen, Co-Chair of EURead
Open Mic #1
The German National Reading Alliance and National Reading Plan (Jörg F. Maas)
Reading owns! initiative (Lovisa Fhager Logothetis)

15.15 Global Network Inspirational update
 Chaired online by Peter Jenkins, Book Trust (UK)

16.15 Panel 3 | Moderator: Elaina Ryan

Open Mic #2

Pilot reading promotion programme in 10 primary healthcare centers of Attica region (Ava Chalkiadaki)

16.30 EURead Membership Welcome certificates

17.00 End of day one

19.30 Dinner
Dinner speech by Manol Peykov – translator, publisher, member of Parliament and Man of The Year 2023

Tuesday, June 6th

Location | European Commission Building (Sofia, 124 Georgi S. Rakovski str.)

9.00 General Assembly: Legal Matters and Finances

10.00 Panel 4 | Moderator: Diana Gerald, Co-Chair EURead

Open Mic #3

Introducing the Austrian “Was steht da?” (Laura Albers)

10.15 Coffee Break

10.30 Insights about the state of literacy and reading in Bulgaria: preparation for implementing
the Read-Aloud Monitor

Speaker: Valentina Stoeva, Children’s Books Foundation (Bulgaria)

11.15 Panel 5 | Moderator: Emmi Jäkkö
Open Mic #4

How to promote reading with teenagers and young adults (Anne Bergman-Tahon)

Men’s & boy’s reading – problems and approaches to dealing with low readership rates among these groups (Marcin Skrabka)

11.30 Update on the new website implementation / Discussing common network communication strategies

Speakers: Daan Beeke and Marc Lambert (website); Emmi Jäkkö (communication)

12.30 Lunch (Ugo Pizza, 2 Han Krum str.)

Location | Sofia City Library – American Corner 4A, Petko Slaveykov square, fl. 1

13.30 Panel 6 | Moderator: Dr. Jörg F. Maas, Chair of EURead
Reviving Europe Reads

Speakers: Daan Beeke, Valentina Stoeva

14.15 Funding from EU / EU projects

Representatives from Creative Europe Desk

15.00 Where to next? Feedback from the AGM in Sofia

15.30 Closing of the AGM

16.00 End of day two

Full agenda: EURead_AGM2023_agenda


Early Reading Forum Lithuania

The Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania invites you to participate in the Early Reading Forum. It is a yearly event by the National library that aims to promote a professional and credible message on the benefits of early reading. The event is meant for parents, future parents and experts working with the reading education of toddlers – librarians, experts in formal and non-formal education. We invite you to watch the live event broadcast.

Dr Austėja Landsbergienė will speak about the influence reading has on a child’s emotional and social development, and how we can foster it through reading experiences. Prof. Dr Bettina Kummerling-Meibauer will talk about how books, meant for children up to three years old, promotes the development of early literacy, that is essential in the development of more complex skills – visual, linguistic and media literacy. Dr Ramunė Dirvanskienė will review neuroscience research on the influence a linguistic environment has for early development and will explain how the linguistic environment of families and educational institutions influence children’s brains, also the influence done through different reading methods and the contents of a book. Dr Rita Dukynaitė will present the results of research conducted by international organisations on the reading abilities of Lithuanian pupils, the influence of a home environment on a child’s reading, and discuss the links with parental reading and early childhood education.

The Forum will also present current UNESCO programs for children’s education and reading, and also review projects that gift books to babies from around the world and talk about how they promote reading in families. The activities and future goals of the “Book Start” (Knygų startas) project in Lithuania will be presented, as well as an overview of the contribution of public libraries for the promotion of early childhood reading.

Event programme

Save the Date: Annual General Meeting 2022

On May 4th and May 5th, our Annual General Meeting will take place in Brussels.

The meeting location will be the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union, in Brussels.

We hope to finally meet in real life again, and bring together our members from all over Europe. We will be holding 2 days of plenary sessions on sharing experience and best practices to develop strategies for the promotion of literacy and reading across Europe.

More information will follow. If you are interested in participating, please use the contact form.

Books for Ukraine March 2022

Here are four initiatives of support:

1. The Polish Book Institute and the Metropolia Dzieci Foundation

The “Give a book to Ukrainian children” initiative is run by the Polish Book Institute together with the Foundation Metropolia Dzieci (Children’s Metropolis Foundation). So far the Polish Book Institute has purchased 7,000 copies of books for children and young people from five Ukrainian publishers, as one component of the project. The books are distributed to public libraries all over Poland, especially to the ones close to the Ukrainian refugee clusters.

You can donate directly to the foundation: Fundacja Metropolia Dzieci – with the annotation “Give a book to children from Ukraine”. IBAN: PL16 1140 2004 0000 3102 8012 1088

There is more information here DONATE A BOOK TO A UKRAINIAN CHILD.

2. Ukrainian Book Institute and Federation of European Publishers

The Federation of European Publishers has been asked by the Ukrainian Book Institute whether we could collect, on their behalf, money to print books for children’s refugees in Europe.

Crowdfunding campaign to support printing of Ukrainian children’s books | GoGetFunding

All money will be managed by the Ukrainian Book Institute and spent to print books in countries where Ukrainian kids are refugees.

FEP press release about it (available here).

3. ODILO: Spain

This is an initiative from the company, ODILO. It is called ODILO Stands With Ukraine and you can visit the landing page here.

To summarise the initiative (which is entirely free):

  • Distribute digital Ukrainian content for children and parents / guardians (ebooks, audiobooks, other formats)
  • Provide a platform entirely in Ukrainian with customised mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Offer virtual tutoring services for refugees to learn the basics of the language spoken in their new land
  • Provide virtual classroom capabilities to Ukrainian teachers to continue lessons with their own classes, but also other displaced students.
  • We are working with Ukrainian publishers directly to obtain rights to offer print-on-demand services from Spain and to distribute hardcopies of their titles to governments and municipalities around Europe who are hosting refugees.

There is a lot more to our initiative as ODILO is one of the largest content aggregators with a platform that promotes Unlimited Learning in all formats.

4. Universal Reading Foundation: Poland

Warsaw, March 7th, 2022

Dear all,
We are a leading reading promotion foundation in Poland.
Last Friday we started fundraising money to be able to buy books from publishers in Ukraine, transport them to Poland and distribute them to Ukrainian kids and their families. This is obviously to help the Ukrainian kids here and the publishing industry in Ukraine – both at the same time.
I am writing to ask if you would be able to help.

There are c. 400 000 Ukrainian children in Poland already and this number is the target of this action. We have a warehouse for free, distribution for free, transportation probably also – so the money is needed only for the books.

The fundraising part is tough – not many people understand how crucial it is for those kids to be able
to have a moment of peaceful booksharing with their moms (no dads…), how important it is for
the psychological stableness of these kids but also – how fundamental for the future of Ukraine’s democracy is the survival of the Ukrainian book industry.

If each kid was to get a book we need c. 400k euros for the books.
A couple of days ago a Swedish author found her way to us and yesterday she started her fundraising campaign among publishers and authors in Sweden for our operation. So we hope that other international book industry communities, other organizations, and individual people may want to help.

If credentials are needed – we can send them.
Please visit our website: – it also demonstrates who we are and what we do.

Help can be sent through:
c/ EUR bank account: 31 1600 1462 1871 2526 2000 0005
IBAN PL31160014621871252620000005
d/ USD bank account: 04 1600 1462 1871 2526 2000 0006
IBAN PL04160014621871252620000006
e/ GBP bank account: 74 1600 1462 1871 2526 2000 0007
IBAN PL74160014621871252620000007

For bigger help – we will have a direct euro account in a couple of days please email us at
We will be grateful for all help, #SlavaUkraini!!!
Maria Deskur
Fundacja Powszechnego Czytania / Universal Reading Foundation

Books for Ukraine updated

Pre-Summer Meeting 2021

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

13.00 Welcoming & opening
Dr. Jörg F. Maas

13.05 Update on Global Network acitivites
Daan Beeke

13.10 Update on website renovation
Daan Beeke

EURead network:
13.15 Austrian BookStart Program, Reinhard Ehgartner
13.25 Childrens’ Books Ireland Program, Elaina Ryan

13.35 Questions to presenters
Moderated by Jörg

13:40 Open mic round for updates within EURead network
Moderated by Jörg

13:50 AGM 2021: Call for presentations & themes

14:00 Wrap Up