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Detski Knigi Foundation (Children’s Books) is a non-profit public benefit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of children and young people by promoting reading and helping adults raise a literate next generation.

Every child should become a reader if we aspire to achieve a better world by advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. Reading serves as the cornerstone for fostering a literate next generation, and we at the Children’s Books Foundation possess the knowledge and tools to cultivate and support reading among Bulgarian children through books and play.

The Children’s Books Foundation is actively engaged in the field of literacy within Bulgaria. Our primary objective is to mitigate the decline in functional literacy among children aged 0 to 16 years through the conceptualization and execution of various projects and programs.

The reduction of functional illiteracy levels in Bulgaria holds paramount importance. Statistical data reveals that over 53% of 15-year-olds (PISA 2022) currently grapple with functional illiteracy, and as they become parents, they are raising the next generation. The perpetuation of this vicious cycle can only be disrupted by instilling a love for reading in every child.

In the course of our work, we employ a child-centered approach. Additionally, we offer parents, teachers, and librarians guidance, meticulously curated book lists, and invaluable toolkits. These resources are designed to assist them in nurturing their children’s reading abilities, fostering emotional intelligence, and promoting critical and creative thinking.

We are registered in 2013 as an NGO in public favour according to the Bulgarian law. Our main goals are:

  • Development of literacy through reading and books;
  • Support for the public and school libraries as main partners across Bulgaria;
  • Design and implementation of methods and tools for critical thinking, creative thinking and
  • STEAM knowledge and skills among children and teenagers.

“Every child has the right to become a reader.”

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