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Founded in 2013, Diavazontas Megalono is an interdisciplinary non-profit organization, whose mission is: a) to raise public awareness on reading and literacy in Greece, b) to facilitate the creation of a more stimulating reading environment that will inspire children to evolve into motivated, engaged and skilled readers, and c) to mobilize public authorities to adopt policies aimed to provide more reading opportunities to all children, especially those belonging in vulnerable groups.

Taking into account the total absence of public reading policies for babies and toddlers in Greece, Diavazontas Megalono focused in raising awareness on the benefits of reading to children since birth, organizing: a) public events on the importance of early literacy (since 2014), b) training courses for health professionals on the importance of reading for children’s linguistic, emotional, cognitive and social development (since 2015) and c) reading events for children and families (since 2015).

Diavazontas Megalono has also focused in highlighting the importance of library services for children 0-5 years old and was actively involved in the establishment of the first Library for Babies and Toddlers in Greece, offering gratis its know-how in all subjects concerning the library (design of space, furnishing and equipment, safety, collection development, training of the staff).

Despite its restricted economic resources, Diavazontas Megalono is an active and extroverted organization with a wide range of activities aimed to highlight the importance of reading for pleasure and the key role that books can play in a child’s life.

“Inspiring children to evolve into motivated, engaged and skilled readers”

Activities from Diavazontas Megalono

By Reading They Grow

Diavazontas Megalono

Pilot reading promotion program in public healthcare settings of the Attica region. Focused on families with young childre...

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Let’s read together!

Diavazontas Megalono

Open-air event for the celebration of the International Literacy Day 2023 The event is addressed to children 0-14 years ol...

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Books and Reading in the early years

Diavazontas Megalono

Conference. In December 2022 Diavazontas Megalono organized the 2-day Conference “Books and Reading in the early years” wi...

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“DIAVAZOYME PAREA!” (“Let’s read together!”)

Diavazontas Megalono

“DIAVAZOYME PAREA!” (“Let’s read together!”) Open-air event that was held on the International Literacy Day (September 8th...

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