07/09/2024 Let’s read together! Open-air event for the celebration of the International Literacy Day 2024

The event is addressed to children 0-14 years old and takes place in a park under the trees. It consists of parallel reading aloud sessions in several languages, special spaces with books for children who wish to read independently, a multilingual free book bazaar, an art workshop and two exhibitions (the first includes books for babies and toddlers and the second includes children’s books about Democracy, Human Rights and Civil Engagement).

The event starts early in the afternoon and ends after the sunset with a concert by the City of Athens Philarmonic Orchestra.

“Let’s read together!”, organized annualy since 2019, aims to promote reading as a joyful activity that brings people together and highlight the importance of mother tongue reading for children with immigrant background.

If you are in Athens on the 7th of September 2024, don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the event!