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Since our foundation, we commit ourselves that all children in Germany do receive equal educational opportunities – regardless of their social or material requirements. Here, we specifically foster children and youth from uneducated or socially vulnerable families in order to empower their self-development.

To strengthen the competencies of children and youth, we especially engage in extracurricular language and reading promotion. Furthermore, we organize events in the framework of sociopolitical and education policy-driven matters with the goal to reach broad public.

Hereby, our work considers high standards of professionalism, quality and impact orientation.

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“Competency for life”

Activities from LitCam



With “EUROKiK”, the cultural kick in the classroom for EURO 2024, we are using the enthusiasm for soccer and t...

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Fußball trifft Kultur


“Fußball trifft Kultur” (FtK) represents an integrative educational program fostering underprivileged children...

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With the Lese-Kicker, we award the most appealing children’s and young people’s book in terms of idea, linguis...

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Football meets Culture


“Football Meets Culture” is an integrative educational program that improves opportunities for children in 3rd...

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