Our members run a wide range of activities and programmes to promote and encourage reading and raise literacy levels.

Promoting Reading with Children and Youth Magazines

For over 20 years, the Reading Foundation has been harnessing the potential of magazines for literacy promotion. Given the diversity of children and adolescents, the approaches to accessing texts and reading must be equally varied. Magazines provide access to language, writing, short texts, and interesting topics, thus promoting reading in an engaging and enjoyable way. […]

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Deutscher Lesepreis

The German Reading Award recognizes innovative and proven literacy promotion measures and seeks outstanding individuals, measures, and projects each year in fields that contribute to maintaining and promoting a culture of reading. Reading pleasure and literacy are central foundations for educational ability and thus for societal participation. Despite significant efforts, literacy skills in Germany are […]

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National Reading Pact

National and international educational studies consistently show that many children and adolescents find reading difficult. By the end of fourth grade, nearly 20 percent of elementary school children in Germany can read individual words but not longer sentences or even entire texts. The consequences are felt as teenagers in secondary education and in their career […]

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Reading is a life companion

We want to celebrate with you the International Book Day and see books as a life companion. “World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated on 23 April. The reason: on 23 April 1616, Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega died. Other eminent writers such as Vladimir Nabokov, Josep Pla and Manuel Mejía Vallejo […]

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Picnic Among Books

Under the slogan “It’s never too early to talk to children about the environment”, we present the first edition of our Picnic among Books. This event took place on Sunday, October 8th, at 11 a.m., in the park Cristina Enea in the city of Donostia-San Sebastian, to celebrate the beginning of the school year and […]

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7th Universal Children’s Day celebration

On 20 November 2023 we celebrated the 7th International Children’s Day festival at the Literaktum festival in the Literaktum Txikia programme at the Larrotxene Cultural Centre. We enjoyed the reading of the book “Kieveko ilargia”, by Álbum Editorial, we sang and danced together with more than 50 children. We would like to thank all the […]

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